The God of No Competition

by the Rev. Jose Oliveira, M. Div.

no_competitionLet’s start stating this: God enters no competition and has no competitors. Elijah knew that, and so he challenged the priests of Ball, because he knew that there is no but One God, the God of Elijah! To understand why God is the God of NO competition we should understand what competition is, and who is the One and True God. Competition installs when two or more people or businesses are offering the same product and seek the same kind of customers, buyers or recipients. With God has no competition, firstly, because He is alone in His business. Nobody can be compared to God to even start to compete with Him. Secondly, nobody can compete with God, because nobody can offer what God offers, His love, wisdom and joy are simply incomparable. Third, God enters no competition because He respects our will. He is satisfied with whatever is genuinely His in us, even if our faith is little as a mustard seed, He accepts it.

God doesn’t hold back in all He offers to us, to all of us, with no distinction, but we, individually, only can benefit of His blessings in the measure of our capacity to receive and give back. Fortunately, in the spiritual world exists a law that says: “Who has, even more will be given and to whom has not, even what he/she has, will be taken away.” If you have faith in God, even more faith will be given to you; but, if you refuse to believe in God, even what you have, WHITHOUT FAITH, will be taken away from you, because it has no spiritual or permanent value.

So, God knows that if you believe in Him — even with a very little faith – He knows that this faith will grow on to make Him the Person most important of your life. And, if you refuse to believe in Him, He doesn’t force you to, because He is only interested on genuine, voluntary and spontaneous love from His creatures. So, don’t even think that anything you do or have is of any competition to God, because is not. It may be there an internal comparison, within yourself, between the devotion you give to God and the devotion you give to others or anything else. But not for God; for He doesn’t ask you: “Give Me the love you are giving to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, money or property”. Any love you give to anything else is not worth of God. The love to God is unique as God is unique, even if small, its nature is impregnated with faith and it has no comparison at all. The love for God only fits the Person of God, none else.

You are the one should come to the conclusion that God is worth of your supreme devotion… It’s true, however: you only can enjoy your relationship with God to the extent of your love for Him… The more you love Him, the happier you are! God is not competing for your love. He doesn’t even ask for your love. But once you spontaneously love Him, He acknowledges this love and offers Himself as the ultimate pattern of perfection, for He says: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.”

Rev. Jose Oliveira is a Presbyterian ordained minister and the director of the Illinois Theological Seminary online

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