Is Theology Really Complicated?

Many people think that Theology is very complicated. I have seen strange reactions when I say that I teach Theology. Some people have no clear idea of what is Theology and immediately take the conversation to another direction.
Theology can be complex, but not necessary complicated. There are some themes in Theology that are difficult to understand. One of these topics is Predestination. Not only the theme in itself is of difficult comprehension, but also the several variations of it make it even more difficult to understand.
However, most of the interests of Theology are not so difficult. In fact Theology deals with the notion of God, Deity, Divinity and people’s faith. You would say that Theology deals with religion and you wouldn’t be too far from being right.
You can learn Theology by yourself, without going to any school, but could be easier if you take a theological course and receive some methodological instruction about it. Theology is not complicated but it can be hard to understand all its ramifications without a scholarly instruction.
That is what the Illinois Theological Seminary does; we help you to understand Theology. We teach you Theology. If you think you are in need of a deeper comprehension of Theology, let us help you. For more information about the Illinois Theological Seminary, look for our website,


Jose Oliveira,

ITS Director

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