Answer God’s Call

 Stop Apologizing to God, and answer the call that He did!.
You’re one of those who have received a call from God to
the ministry and is still making excuses like those people to whom Jesus
called andt hey began to give an excuse after another? “Let me first
bury my father,” ” Let me first say goodbye to my family. ”
Many are filled with many excuses, but what God is saying to you,
is probably, “Leave everything and follow me”, “He who puts his hand to work and looks
back, is not worthy of me. ” 
Stop the excuses. Be honest before God. Tell him
you’re not ready yet, or say, “Yes, Lord.”
Perhaps one of the first steps in accepting God’s call
to the Ministry is to better prepare yourself for the ministry through a course
of Theology.
Our school can help you in this endeavor.

Simply click the left menu on  “Apply” and make your registration today!

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